The Greater Alabama Council is divided into geographic areas known as Districts. District leaders ensure the growth and success of the units within their territory. These responsibilities are broken into four categories: Membership, Finance, Program, and Unit Service. The end result of effective district support is more youth receiving the mountain-top Scouting experience.

Exploring helps teens and young adults discover opportunities and build career skills through immersive experiences and mentorship provided by local community leaders and businesses. The Greater Alabama Council is pleased to offer a variety of opportunities through our Districts. 

Have a question? Contact your District Executive or our Exploring Staff Advisor: Josh Warren @ 205-969-4290 Joshua.Warren@Scouting.org

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The Youth Leadership Development Program is a leadership development program for juniors and seniors in high school chosen due to their character rather than academic standing. The basic tenet of the YLDP is that a person’s character is more important than anything else in one’s ability to lead others, being a true leader. Currently, the YLDP has 93 High School Partners that each chooses up to four seniors and two juniors to represent their high school, three College-Operating Partners, Lawson State, Wallace State, Jefferson State, and nineteen College Partners.​

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