Popcorn Sale

Spend less time fundraising and MORE time Scouting! Our Council’s annual Scout popcorn sale is a turn-key fundraiser that provides our units with the funding they need to deliver an amazing Scouting Program! We do the work on the back-end so that you don’t have to and we are excited to offer this as a fundraiser to our units each year. Scouts can earn various prizes and even college scholarships through their participation.


Show & Sell Orders Due:   Thursday, Aug 5th
Units hold Popcorn Kick-off’s:   Aug 9th – 20th
Show & Sell Unit Pickup:   Aug 26th & 27th
Sale Begins:    Friday, Aug 2th

Take Order & Prize Orders Due:   
Tues, Oct 26th

Take Order Unit Pickup:   Friday, Nov 11th & 12th
Payments Due:   Friday, Nov 19th

App Training Video

Leader Portal Training Video

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Getting Started:

  • Register for the Popcorn Sale
  • Get Trained
    • Read the Popcorn Resource Guide 
    • Attend any one of our Virtual Council popcorn kick-offs
    • Sign up for a Trail’s End Webinar
    • Join the Trail’s End Facebook Group
  • Share what you Know
    • Hold your Unit Popcorn Kick-off
    • Teach your Scouts about goals, products and sale details & get them excited!