Membership Growth

Inviting new families to join Scouting is one of the most important things we can do to forward the Scouting movement. Throughout the year our Scouting units actively invite new families to join. Most youth join our program in the fall. Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends partly on reaching new audiences to invite them to join the unit and partly on engaging new members and their families so that they feel welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

New Member Coordinator

Remember your first pack meeting? How overwhelming and lost you felt being inundated with the wealth of new Scouting information? Every year units lose Scouts after the first pack meeting. Imagine how much more valued new families would feel if there was someone to personally welcome them, answer their questions, connect with their family on a deeper level, and guide them through their first few months. Many units also struggle to implement a good Scouting program with limited volunteers. Through cultivating relationships with new members, units will develop a team foundation resulting in new leaders and increased volunteerism.

Cub Scout Recruitment Information

Fall Membership Kick-off Trainings

To help prepare you and your pack for a successful Fall Recruitment your District Membership Committee is putting on a Kick-off & Training where your Pack leadership will receive all the information and tools needed for success. It is very important that your Pack be represented.

Arrowhead District:               Aug 1st         7:00pm      Central United Methodist. Decatur, AL
Cheaha District:                     July 23rd      6:30pm      St. Mark United Methodist Church. Anniston
Cherokee District:                  Aug 8th        7:00pm      Bessemer LDS Ward Building. Bessemer, AL
Choccolocco District:           July 23rd      6:30pm      St. Mark United Methodist Church. Anniston
Etowah District:                     July 18th      6:30pm      Southside United Methodist. Southside, AL
Mountain Lakes District:      Aug 1st        7:00pm       St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Huntsville AL
Mulberry District:                   Aug 8th        7:00pm       Hayden United Methodist Church. Hayden, AL
Sequoyah District:                 July 18th     6:30pm       Southside United Methodist. Southside, AL
Shelby District:                       July 25th     6:30pm       Helena United Methodist Church. Helena, AL
Talakto District:                      Aug 1st        7:00pm      St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Huntsville AL
Three Rivers District:             Aug 1st        7:00pm      Jefferson State Community College
Vulcan District:                       July 25th     6:30pm       Birmingham Scout Office
Westmoreland District:         Aug 1st        6:30pm      First United Methodist Church. Florence AL


Back to the Pack

We encourage all our packs to hold a “Back to the Pack” event prior to beginning your recruitment efforts. The purpose is to help your pack get ready for the fall by re-engaging your current members and recruiting needed leadership before the school year starts. Many Packs will hold a picnic or similar event to draw in existing families and start the new program year off right. Research has shown many families will not continue in Scouting without being personally contacted. In other words, in their minds, they have only taken a vacation during the summer and are waiting to be contacted about when to start attending the meetings again. The goal of the “Back to the Pack” event is to help your families re-join their pack after the summer break, giving all Cub Scouts a better chance of continuing their Scouting journey.

Packs that recruit the most youth have a coordinated recruitment plan that all current families participate in. These efforts are set up in advance, often at the Back to the Pack event. As part of the meeting we encourage you to engage your families in sharing their Cub Scout experience with others and help with the packs fall recruitment efforts.


Rocket Academy!

New Scouts that sign-up in 2019 receive their very own model rocket courtesy of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. All Scouts are invited to attend one of our four exciting Rocket Academies.

September 21st –   U.S. Space & Rocket Center
September 21st –    Camp Westmoreland
October 12th –        Hoover Met
October 12th –        U.S. Space & Rocket Center

October 19th-        Camp Sequoyah


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