Scouting for Food

A Scout is helpful. A Scout cares about other people and willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1 in 9 Americans suffer from food insecurity each year. This equates to over 37 million American and more than 11 million children. Food insecurity impacts every community in the United States.

Scouting For Food is the Greater Alabama Council’s one-of-a-kind day of service. Thousands of Scouts, parents, and leaders hit the streets on the 1st Saturday in November to distribute door hangers to the homes in their area. Community members place bags of non-perishable food items on their doorstep the next Saturday for the Scouts to pick up and deliver to local food banks and pantries in their communities.

2022 SFF Patch


  • September & October:
    • Units register to participate at 
    • Door Hangers are available for pick up from one of our offices or at Roundtable.
  • Between October 27th & 30th
    • Scouts distribute door hangers to houses in your territory/neighborhood.
    • Door hangers should be attached to door handles. Not in or on Mailboxes.
    • Keep good records of where you left door hangers and ensure you pick-up all food put out.
  • Between November 3rd & Nov 6th
    • Return to the houses where you placed door hangers.
      • Those wishing to participate will put their food donation out for you to collect.
      • After the first sweep, always do a second sweep to ensure that all the food was collected.
    • Deliver the food to a local designated delivery locations where it will be weighted.
      • Delivery locations will be set up in advance based on the location of units registered.
      • Saturday Nov 4th, from 11am to 2pm at both Birmingham and Huntsville Offices, Deliver Donated Food
    • Record your unit’s service hours and amount of food collected.
    • Scouts record their service hours in Scoutbook to receive credit toward rank advancement.


2022 SFF Patch

Youth and adults who participate in the Scouting for Food drive will receive a participation patch.

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