Summer Camp at Camp Comer

Comer Scout Reservation, nestled high-atop Lookout Mountain, is a 1,000 acre Scout camp rich with history and  beauty. In 1966 Comer opened its doors for summer camp and has been delivering adventure ever since. In addition to the great program; Comer offers a laid back mountain atmosphere that features cool nights and wildlife abound. 

Scouts And Scouters from across the South come to Comer every summer for an outstanding program. We invite you to come experience for yourself this great camping destination.

2023 Summer Camp Dates

Week 1: June 4-10

Week 2: June 11-17

Week 3: June 18-24

Week 4: June 25 – July 1

Week 5: July 2-8

Week 6: July 9-15

Why should our Troop choose Camp Comer?

The main attractions at Comer Scout Reservation are the cool summer temperatures, pristine Lake Republic, beautiful rocks, and a laid-back mountaintop atmosphere. Camp A.C. Michaels, the home to most of our summer programs, has outstanding facilities and provides Scouts with numerous merit badge opportunities.  Additionally, our first-year Scout program, Eagle Bound, is renown throughout the Southern Region for putting new Scouts on the Trail to Eagle and preparing them for a lifetime of adventure.

What are some of the facilities at Camp Comer?

Camp Comer is comprised of two distinct camps: Camp A.C. Michaels and Camp Allan C. Jacobs.  Scouts and Scouters will spend most of their time in “Camp Mike” where our programs take place.  Here are some of the facilities and features of Camp Mike that you can enjoy while at camp:

  • C. M. Jesperson Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is the center of many activities, most notably meals. Meals are served cafeteria-style. The screened-in front porch allows for additional eating space and space for merit badge instruction.

  • High-Tech Productions Science & Technology Center

Often referred to as SciTech or the SciTech Lab; the right door of this building is home to the technology-oriented and humanities merit badges. Computers are available for merit badge activities during the day. Access to wireless Internet for adults may be obtained from the SciTech Director.

  • Scoutmasters’ Lounge

The left door of the Science & Technology Center is available for adult leaders 18 and older. The Scoutmasters’ Lounge is a relaxing atmosphere for adults in camp. Air conditioning, couches, and fresh coffee each morning provide an excellent location to catch up on work or take an afternoon nap. The Camp Commissioners also maintain an office is this room to be readily available to adult leaders. Morning Adult Leaders’ Meetings and some Adult HD programs will take place in this room.

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield Health Lodge

The Health Lodge is located next door to the Camp Office, across from the Dining Hall. The Camp Health Officer lives on the premises and dispenses all medications from this location. Troops are encouraged to administer basic first aid for minor cuts, scrapes, headaches, etc; however, medical staff is available here 24 hours a day.

  • Camp Office

To the left of the Health Lodge, the Camp Office is the administrative center of camp. The Camp Director and Program Director keep office hours in this room. All visitors should check-in here.

  • Moran Colburn Trading Post

Camp Comer has a centrally located trading post that is well stocked. Campers and staff will find a variety of Scouts, BSA and camping essentials, Comer memorabilia, and personal hygiene items. Ice cream, drinks, and snacks are a great treat, especially when enjoyed on the Trading Post Front Porch!

  • Flatt Rock Arena

Opening and Closing Campfires will take place at the Arena. Constructed by the Coosa Lodge of the Order of the Arrow, the Arena showcases the natural beauty of Lake Republic and the surrounding rocks and trees.

  • Scott Nobel Chapel

Nestled on a Hill high above Lake Republic, the Chapel provides a place for quite meditation and occasional camp devotionals. Any camper or staff member is welcome to enjoy the natural beauty of this serene location.

  • Rappelling & Climbing Tower

Our 5O-foot Climbing Tower is located on the side of the parade field and includes 20′, 30′, 40′ and 50′ walls as well as 14′, 24′ and 34′ chimney climbs. All activities here are coordinated and supervised by the Climbing Director. For your safety, be sure to stay outside of the wood-chipped area and orange safety cones at all times unless you have the expressed consent of the Climbing staff.

  • Charles “Chuck” Tate Waterfront

Located on the shoreline of beautiful Lake Republic, the Waterfront includes separate boating and swimming areas as well as a motorboat dock. For your safety, do not enter inside of the fence or walk onto the motorboat dock without the consent of the Aquatics Director. Remember that there is no fishing allowed inside of the Waterfront area. The Waterfront features our uniquely designed water slide, the Comer Corkscrew!

  • Big “A” Farms Handicraft Lodge

Located directly behind Showerhouse 6, this building includes our camp woodworking shop. Scouts outside of the Woodwork and Wood Carving merit badges can speak with the Trading Post/Handicraft Director about opportunities to practice their craftsman skills.

  • Handicraft Shelter

Located directly behind the Trading Post, the Handicraft Shelter is home to the majority of merit badges taught by the Trading Post/Handicraft staff.

  • Ecology Lodge

This rock building serves as Camp Comer’s nature center. Ecology merit badges are taught in the surrounding woods.

  • Shooting Ranges

Camp Mike has three shooting ranges: Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun. Each is located along the road between the Parade Field and C.O.P.E. course. A range safety officer is in charge of each location. To find out about opportunities to use these facilities outside of scheduled merit badge sessions, speak with that range’s safety officer.

  • Shower Houses

Camp Mike has two large, centrally-located shower houses with hot showers and flushing toilets. Shower House 3 is located across the Parade Field from the Dining Hall. Shower House 6 is located in front of the Handicraft Lodge, next to Gilwell Field.

  • Campsites

Camp Mike has fifteen unique campsites designed for different camping experiences. Most have a working traditional latrine with wash basin that troops may use, provided that it is kept clean. Two types of sleeping accommodations are available: 2-bed 9×9 canvas wall tents with small canopy porches, and 4-bed Adirondacks. All campsites contain canvas tents and may or may not contain Adirondacks. Each site has trash cans and a bulletin board. Several also have a stationary flagpole or water faucet. Most campsites are designed for units to share.

A member of the Commissioners’ Corps will help troops designate their shared and private areas of the campsite upon arrival to ensure maximum utility for everyone. If you have any questions regarding your home-away-from­ home before you arrive, contact the Camping Program Director at the council service center. A map of camp is provided at the end of this document.

  • Lakes

Comer Scout Reservation features two lakes. Lake Republic, the 88-acre lake, separates Camp Mike and Camp Jacobs. As the center of the reservation, Lake Republic can be seen across much of the property including from several hiking trails. Lake Achunanchi – our smaller fishing lake – is bordered by the Outdoor Skills Area and the Thunderbird Trail. All fishermen should use BSA safety and common sense when at either lake. Be sure to use the Buddy system!

What are some activities we can look forward to while we are at Camp?
  • Opening Campfire – (Sunday)

Come join the staff for fellowship and celebration of Scouting. The Campfire will begin at 8:30 PM. Traditional Campfire lighting will begin the program of songs, skits, run-ons, and Scout Spirit. Come get your first look at the spirit of the Comer Staff for 2020. The program should last about 45 minutes.

  • Staff vs. Scoutmaster Volleyball Game – (Monday)

For years the Scoutmasters have accepted the staff invitation to the sporting showcase of the summer. Adults (18+) only, please.

  • Campfire Story Program – (Monday and Wednesday Night)

Join us in the old council ring for traditional campfire story telling on Monday and Wednesday night at 8:30pm.

  • Camp Scavenger Hunt – (Tuesday)

The Comer Scavenger Hunt will be held at 7:30 on Tuesday night. The hunt can be organized by troop or patrol and will put Scouts to the test in search of items around camp as well as incorporate trivia from Comer.

  • Comer 5K Challenge – (Wednesday)

For the early risers we have the ultimate test of endurance. Scouts and Leaders can participate in the Comer Challenge a 5k run designed to test your limits. There will be special recognition for winners in the Scout and Leader age divisions.

  • Comer Shindig – (Wednesday)

The Comer Shindig will be an all out party on Wednesday night each week. The night will begin with a grill out on the parade field as you pick up dinner on the go. From there you will have an opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and offerings.

  • OA Night – (Thursday)

Thursday night is ‘OA Night’. Sashes may be worn for the evening flag ceremony until taps. OA members are asked to meet in the Dining Hall for a cracker barrel fellowship following the Call-Out Ceremony.

During the Thursday evening campfire an Order of the Arrow “Call Out” ceremony will be held. This ceremony is for any youth or adult who has been selected by his troop during troop elections, to be “called out”. Scout Leaders will need to turn in a list of candidates to the camp office no later than noon on Thursday.

  • Fun Friday –

On Friday most activity areas be open for Scouts to enjoy. The waterfront, climbing tower and shooting ranges will be open, and the handicraft area will be available for projects or merit badge work. Each Area Director will coordinate sign-up. Please note that some merit badges will meet on Friday to complete requirements.

  • Conservation Corp/Trailblazer Program – (Friday)

Comer Scout Reservation has partnered with DeSoto State Park to provide trail maintenance and conservation projects on Friday. Scouts and Scouters can venture to the beautiful state park to provide meaningful service and take in the beauty of the wilderness of Lookout Mountain

  • White Water Rafting- (Friday)

We have contracted with an outfitter to provide interested Scouts and Scout leaders an unforgettable whitewater­ rafting trip down the Ocoee River. An air-conditioned bus transports Scouts from camp after breakfast and returns them in the afternoon, soaking wet, exhausted, and thrilled with the trip. The fee for the trip is $70 per person, which includes lunch. State law requires all rafters on the Ocoee River be at least 12 years old. More information including participation requirements can be found in the Leader’s Guide.

  • Banana Relay – (Friday)

Scouts will compete in a range of activities that test Scouts skills and knowledge. A round robin competition, this is one you do not want to miss!

  • Mile Swim – (Friday)

The Aquatic Staff will coordinate this event Friday morning. Participants must have prepared for one hour each day (Monday -Thursday) prior to attempting the mile swim. You will miss this scheduled event while rafting. Swimmers may attempt this challenge on Thursday. NOTE: Only rafters may alter schedule; you will have to provide your own boat escort for the mile swimmer(s)…preferably an adult leader. Let the Aquatics director know about your plans Monday or Tuesday.

  • Closing Campfire – (Friday)

Your Comer Adventure is coming to a close and the staff thank you for all your hard work and Scout Spirit. Come celebrate Scouting with us one more time. After supper we will all meet at Flatt Rock Arena at 8:30 pm. Program should last about 60 minutes.