COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Updates

Updated November 5, 2020

Here are the latest updates concerning the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus disease and its impact on our Scouting operations here in Alabama.

  • All Council camping properties are now openThe Birmingham and Huntsville Offices re-opened Monday, May 4, 2020 with limited staff per the May 1, 2020 Operations Update.  Scout Shops re-opened on May 20, 2020 per guidelines in the May 8 Operations Update.

Unit Guidelines for Activities during Covid-19:

  • Make sure your Chartered Organization has approved your return to the outdoors and meeting plans.
  • Is the location you plan to use open for use? Consider the local COVID restrictions.
  • Greater Alabama Council Camps are available for unit camping and district activity. So please consider using our local properties to meet your unit and district camping needs.
  • Follow State and Local COVID guidelines for the location you hope to use.
  • Use the Pre-Event Screening Checklist, available by clicking the button to the right.
  • Consider using the COVID “at risk” participant statement, available by clicking the button to the right.
  • Consider carpooling with family members only when possible
  • Make sure you bring the items recommended for outings including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer etc.
  • Social distancing (even outdoors), face masks (especially indoors), hand sanitizer should be part of our activity, camping or meeting plan.
  • Consider tenting with only family members or one person per tent
  • Consider using prepackaged meals, disposable utensils, disposable plates
  • Wear PPE when serving and preparing food
  • Be sure to have the Health Form Parts A and B completed for weekend trips
  • Consider taking temperatures of participants before leaving, if a temp of 100 or above, person should not attend
  • Be safe with all activities and camping events, follow the Guide to Safe Scouting and any local rules and/or restrictions.

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