COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Updates

Update May 24th, 2021

  • All Council office and properties are now open.
  • All visitors and employees that are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 will be exempted from wearing a face-covering at all council-owned facilities, including the Scout Office in Birmingham and Huntsville and all council camps. The council recommends that those individuals that are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a face-covering where social distancing is not possible, except while eating, drinking, or participating in an activity where face coverings are not feasible, such as aquatics. We urge all unvaccinated individuals to continue to wear masks, especially indoors.
  • Unit Meetings and Activities: Unit programming should be conducted under current guidelines from the State of Alabama and the CDC with the approval of the unit’s-chartered organization and subject to the current COVID-19 protocols of any meeting or activity facility.
  • Council and District Activities: District and Council meetings and events may be conducted in person and will utilize the same face-covering policy, unless held at a facility that is not council-owned, as those facilities may have additional restrictions that should be followed. All district and council activities will continue to follow the Covid-19 guidelines and mask mandate until May 24th, 2021. This includes units who are camping at our council camps.
  • Council camps will continue to utilize the COVID-19 pre-Screening Form. 
  • Social Distancing should be followed in all situations where it is feasible. 
  • Summer Camp and Day Camp operations this summer will have individualized Covid-19 protocols based on the size of the crowd and what type of event. We recognize that many of our youth will not be vaccinated, and we will still need to have in place certain protocols in accordance with the CDC, American Camping Association, State of Alabama and the BSA.

Unit Guidelines for Activities during Covid-19:

  • Make sure your Chartered Organization has approved your return to the outdoors and meeting plans.
  • Is the location you plan to use open for use? Consider the local COVID restrictions.
  • Greater Alabama Council Camps are available for unit camping and district activity. So please consider using our local properties to meet your unit and district camping needs.
  • Follow State and Local COVID guidelines for the location you hope to use.
  • Use the Pre-Event Screening Checklist, available by clicking the button to the right.
  • Consider using the COVID “at risk” participant statement, available by clicking the button to the right.
  • Consider carpooling with family members only when possible
  • Make sure you bring the items recommended for outings including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer etc.
  • Social distancing (even outdoors), face masks (especially indoors), hand sanitizer should be part of our activity, camping or meeting plan.
  • Consider tenting with only family members or one person per tent
  • Consider using prepackaged meals, disposable utensils, disposable plates
  • Wear PPE when serving and preparing food
  • Be sure to have the Health Form Parts A and B completed for weekend trips
  • Consider taking temperatures of participants before leaving, if a temp of 100 or above, person should not attend
  • Be safe with all activities and camping events, follow the Guide to Safe Scouting and any local rules and/or restrictions.

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