Camp Sequoyah


Camp Sequoyah: Land of 1000 Dreams. At Camp Sequoyah you will find some beautiful old growth forest, and several plant species native to the south east like trillium, oak leaf hydrangea and buckeye. Sequoyah has a 86 acre lake with great opportunity for swimming, boating and fishing for all ages. There are 14 camp sites that are rotated annually to lessen the impact on the land, a trading post, dining hall, shooting range, waterfront, ecology lodge, chapel, council ring, climbing tower, and many program areas spread out along around the central camp. There are great hiking options that lead  around the lake and through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Cleburne County wile exploring the 1447 acre Greater Alabama Council BSA property.

Units and families wishing to utilize Camp Sequoyah in the off-season are required to fill out and submit a Camp Use permit.  The permit should be submitted to the Birmingham Scout Office via email through this link.

Camp Sequoyah Scout Reservation
4907 Co Rd 11, Delta, AL 36258
(256) 253-2275