Camp Jack Wright


Camp Jack Wright is a 40 acre Boy Scout camp in Roupes Valley surrounded by Tannehill Historical State Park. The camp includes sandstone ridges, and a forest made up of several varieties of oak, hickory, and pine trees.The camp is accessed via the state park. There are restrooms and water on site, but the camp is intended for low-impact, primitive camping.

Units and families wishing to utilize Camp Jack Wright are required to fill out and submit a Camp Use permit.  The permit should be submitted to the Birmingham Scout Office via email through this link.


In the 1950s and 60s Scout troops were camping in the Tannehill area. These Scouts assisted developing the state park via service projects during the 1970s, but as park attendance increased Scouts began having problems securing reservations. Jack Wright made a donation of 32 acres to the Scouts with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Benton donating the rest to allow Scouts continued camping opportunities in the area, without impeding the growing popularity of the park. Preparation of the camp was done entirly by volunteers which included clearing the land, building a road, picnic tables, latrines, a pavilion and running a water line. Nature trails and camp sites have been cleared. The camp was dedicated on May 4, 1997 with an orienteering course being completed at the camp on January 24, 2004.