Resources for United Methodist Church Units

The Greater Alabama Council is focused on finding a solution for your Scouting unit that works best for all parties. These solutions are the culmination of a lot of discussions at all levels of the United Methodist Church (UMC) and the Boy Scouts of America. All Scouting is local and our Scouts benefit from the relationship with the church and the volunteers that operate the unit’s program.

In focusing on supporting our units, we emphasize that our unit leadership should remain focused on providing, and planning, a quality program for your Scouts as we work together to find the best option for each unit. Our UMC charters have been extended through December 31st 2022 and your unit will have some decisions to make regarding how you would like to proceed with your unit’s renewal. That process begins in October. Below is information that will help guide and support this decision. 

Please reach out to your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner, or District Executive with any questions you may have. 

Decision Tree for UMC Units:

Option 1

Unit can still meet at the UMC and will find a new Chartered Org. The Facility Use Agreement is signed by the UMC. The new Chartered Org fills out the New Unit Application and the Annual Charter Agreement. 

Option 2

Unit can still meet at the UMC and will become Chartered by our Council. Affiliation Agreement is signed by the UMC.   

Additional Information on Council Chartered Units: Institution Head & Chartered Organization Representative will be assigned by our Council. Trailer Tags and Insurance will be provided by the unit. Units will need their own EIN. Units will submit a yearly annual program plan with proposed budget, along with a final accounting from the previous year.    

Option 3

Unit will no longer meet at the UMC and needs a new Chartered Organization and a new meeting location. UMC signs the Unreregsitered Unit Report (Red Sheet). A new Chartered Organization is found and fills out the New Unit Application and the Annual Charter Agreement.