Scouting Ambassador

As a Scouting Ambassador, you are a influential, local advocate who can connect with individual units, volunteers and parents to increase how quickly and expansively we deliver information and celebrate successes as a movement.

Here is what being a Scouting Ambassador looks like:

  1. Be prepared and excited to share your pride for Scouting’s positive message in your community – both within the Scouting community with volunteers and local units, as well as outside of Scouting, with friends and neighbors.
  2. Identify three units in our council to connect with and be prepared to facilitate a parents’ meeting to help explain to parents what we do to keep our programs are vibrant and safe.
  3. Stay up to date with the latest Scouting news by making sure you read the weekly ScoutingWire e-newsletter, as well as select Scouting Ambassador updates sent to you directly so you are prepared and empowered with the latest information.
  4. Should the need arise, we want you to have the information you need to quickly contact your units and offer in-person parent meetings to share timely and accurate information in a direct and transparent manner.