Capture the flag


Believe it or not, Capture the Flag originated on the battlefield of some of the most deadly wars in history. In fact, that was exactly how all the soldiers knew when a battle was over - once the enemy's flag was captured, both sides considered the skirmish settled. In the Civil War, soldiers that were able to either capture the enemy's flag or save their own were rewarded with a Medal of Honor. Nobody knows for sure when Capture the Flag took off as an outdoor activity, but Boy Scouts have been playing the game for over 60 years!


The Greater Alabama is excited to continue the tradition of Scouts playing capture the flag at Camp Sequoyah March 29-31 2019!




 Teams will be developed at the camp upon arrival. Depending on participation two to three teams will be developed for the game. These teams will be assigned a flag and given a pre-determined base to plant their flag and defend.




 Teams will be given Friday evening to fortify their flag and base and the game will begin on Saturday morning after a camp-wide briefing. The game will last until before dinner on Saturday.


Awards will be presented for different achievements during the game.