Camping Properties

Located on Lookout Mountain, 5 miles from Mentone, Alabama, Camp Comer is 1,000+ acres for weekend camping, and summer resident camps. The waterfront sits on a 90 acre lake, and the 5 mile, Thunderbird Trail wraps around much of the property to hidden waterfalls and rock crevices. 

Celebrate Sequoyah’s 50th at summer camp in 2022

In the shadow of Alabama’s highest point, Mt. Cheaha, is the 1,447 acres that makes up Camp Sequoyah. The centerpiece to the wooded camp is the 80 acre Chief Cross Lake. While the camp is open to units for camping, it hosts a 5 week traditional summer starting in June.

Camp Jackson is a 515-acre camp located 5 miles east of Scottsboro on Highway 40, just off Highway 35 on the Tennessee River at Jones Cove. The camp has a dock for fishing and boating, a pump bike track, and the famous Pinnacle that can be hiked to the top of to gain sweeping, panoramic views of the Tennessee River valley.


Camp Westmoreland is a 284-acre facility located about 5 miles from Florence, Alabama.  The camp, with its beautiful forest of hardwoods and pines, borders Shoal Creek, one of the hottest recreation waterways in north Alabama, and offers a great opportunity to Scouting units for short term camping, Cub Scout activities, day camps and training events.  Camp Westmoreland features a shower and bathroom facility and a dining hall and conference facility.

Camp Jack Wright is 40 acres surrounded by the 1500-acre Tannehill State Park. Together they form a 1540-acre nature and historical preserve, perfect for camping, hiking and other recreational activities. Camp Jack Wright is a primitive area ideal for weekend camping year-round. The camp has been designed for “low impact” camping to preserve the natural aesthetics of the property. Facilities include the “Chief” Zack Cross Council Ring, four troop sites with shelters, a central parking / activity area, permanent orienteering course and activity pavilion. Water may be obtained at spigots near the activity pavilion. Garbage is disposed of at the Tannehill trash dumpster. Access to Camp Jack Wright is from Tannehill State Park.