Birmingham Veteran’s Day Parade Honor Guard

Birmingham Veteran’s Day Parade Scouts Flag Honor Guard


RECRUITING SCOUTS FOR THE PRESTIGIOUS VETERAN’S DAY PARADE, FLAG HONOR GUARD: The Greater Alabama Council is recruiting 55 Scouts BSA members to be the Veterans Day parade, State Flag Honor Guard. They will be positioned at the front of the parade and lead the Scout contingent. If your troop as a whole, or individual Scouts desire to be in the flag honor guard, please plan on being at the parade assembly area (2nd Avenue, South and 19th Street) by 12:30PM in full and correct Class A uniform Monday, November 11th. We also need eight Adult Leaders in Class A uniform to guide the flag formation and ensure safety. Flag Honor Guard and formation leaders should email the GAC point of contact for the flag formation, Rick DeFilippo, In your email, please use subject line (all capital letters): “SCOUT VETERANS DAY FLAG FORMATION.” You can also contact Rick at (205) 823-3000 with questions.

The Birmingham Veterans Day Parade is a great opportunity to create lifelong Scouting memories by demonstrating our patriotism and love for flag and country in the nation’s largest and oldest Veterans Day parade, started in 1947. BSA Crews, Troops and Packs are invited to participate in the parade. The Greater Alabama Council encourages maximum participation to retain our formation at the head of the parade carrying the State Flags. BSA flag carriers will receive a limited edition parade flag carrier patch.


IMPORTANT PARADE PARTICIPANT POLICY ENFORCEMENT:  For several years now the Veterans Day parade organizers have had a policy that prohibits family members from marching/walking in the parade with their affiliated organizations. This policy was instituted in response to the parade growing to a point where the march lasts over 4-hours. Only the GAC members listed below may march/walk in the Veterans Day parade. Families are encouraged to support our Scouts and honor Veterans by attending the parade as spectators. GAC recommends that after the Scout contingent begins the march, that parents and siblings assemble at the end of the parade, which is 1½ blocks away at 1st Avenue, South and 20th Street, in order to easily rejoin their Scout as soon as the Scout section reaches the parade route end. 


AUTHORIZED PARADE GAC PARTICIPANTS: All Crew, Troop and Pack Leaders and Scouts in Class A uniform are encouraged to participate. Packs may participate in the parade with a vehicle towing a float if they do not desire to walk. The float must be decorated in a patriotic / veteran theme that reflects positively on BSA and GAC. For safety, the float must provide seating within the platform (no sitting on the sides with feet hanging off the float) and adult leader supervision. Floats will be staged at the back of the Scout formation. Throwing candy, beads, etc. is prohibited. Please email Rick DeFilippo if your Pack is attending with a float. GAC participants will assemble with the Scout Honor Guard at 2nd Avenue, South and 19th Street not later than 1:00PM. Due to participant assembly and closing off of roads, vehicles with floats should plan on being at the scout assembly area not later than 12:15PM. Please direct any questions to the GAC parade coordinator Rick DeFilippo, (205) 823-3000 or In your email, please use subject line (all capital letters): “SCOUT VETERANS DAY PARADE”




PARADE DATE & STEP-OFF TIME: Monday, November 11th starting at 1:30PM. Flag Honor Guard and all other participating Scouts and leaders in Class A uniform are requested to start forming at the Scout location (2nd Avenue, South and 19th Street) no later than 12:45PM in order to obtain flags and organize the honor guard and entire scout formation; step-off time is at 1:30PM. Vehicles with floats should plan to be at assembly area by 12:15PM.

PARADE LENGTH & DURATION: Approximately a 1.5-mile slow walk route. The Scout formation starts at the beginning of the parade at 1:30PM and should complete the route by approximately 2:30PM. The entire parade will finish the route at approximately 5:30PM

 REGISTRATION: Do not register individually with the parade organizers. The Greater Alabama Council will submit one registration on behalf of all Scout Troops and Packs.

 UNIT FLAGS ONLY: The flag formation will be followed by Crews, Troops, then Packs and lastly vehicles with towed patriotic floats. Since the American flag and Alabama flag will be included in the lead Scout formation, please march ONLY with your unit flag.

 WATER: Please bring water for your Scouts. There will be a small amount of downtime as the Scouting contingent joins the larger parade. Be prepared with snacks, games, or other activities.

UNIFORM:  The Scout Class A uniform is the only proper attire for those participating/marching in the Veterans Day parade. Marching with backpacks, coolers, etc. is prohibited

NO CANDY, BEADS, ETC: No one may throw candy, beads or any other item during the parade.

PORTA-TOILETS: Are available along the parade staging route.