Dabbs III, J . T. Scout Executive Chairman of the Board 205-969-4240
VACANT Deputy Scout Executive Scout Executive  
Jordan, David Comptroller Scout Executive 205-969-4270
Youngblood, Tommy Director of Development  Scout Executive 205-969-4256
Young, Harold Director of Field Service Deputy Scout Executive 205-902-1100
Hunt, Curtis District Director - Talakto Director of Field Service 256-833-7071
VACANT District Executive - Talakto Team 1 Leader 256-200-6971
Walls, Jonathan District Executive - Mountain Lake Team 1 Leader 256-200-6971
Giles, Daniel Director of Marketing and Activities  Deputy Scout Executive 256-810-8170
VACANT District Executive - Arrowhead Team 2 Leader  
Russaw, Derrick Field Director - Team 3 Director of Field Service 205-969-4247
Self, David District Executive - Cherokee Team 3 Leader 205-540-2302
Kay, Michael District Executive - Etowah Team 3 Leader 205-902-1577
Kay, Michael District Executive - Sequoyah Team 3 Leader 205-902-1577
Anderson, Brian District Executive - Choccolocco Team 3 Leader 256-438-0274
Parker, Scotty District Executive - Cheaha Team 3 Leader 256-452-5135
McIntyre, Will District Director - Vulcan Director of Field Service 256-970-0251
Elliott, Jay District Executive - Shelby Team 4 Leader 205-482-5930
Bratcher, Alexandria District Executive - Mulberry Team 4 Leader 256-415-1985
Pickett, Hunter District Executive - Three Rivers Director of Field Service 205-368-4338
Young, Robert District Executive - Birmingham Director of Field Service 205-910-4457
Edwards, Anthony Sr. District Executive - Birmingham Director of Field Service 205-969-4252
Comer, Carson Development Director Director of Development 205-969-4288
Cunningham, Kenneth Communications/Development Director Director of Development 205-969-4253
Hooks, Kourtni Finance Assistant Director of Development 205-969-4272
Walsh, Kevin LFL Supervisor Director of Field Service 205-969-4296
Chapman, Eva LFL In-School Coord LFL Supervisor 205-969-4276
Williams, Pam LFL In-School Coord. LFL Supervisor 205-970-0251
Curtis, Billy Exploring Director Director of Field Service 205-969-4277
VACANT Director of Support Services Deputy Scout Executive  
Rosengarten, Vicki Westmoreland District Director  Director of Field Service 256-284-2393
Hill, Seth Activities Director Director of Support Services 205-969-4254
Bobo, Mickey Comer Ranger Director of Support Services 256-996-4756
Gardner, Matt Sequoyah Ranger Director of Support Services 256-390-9763
Duane Southers Jackson Ranger Director of Support Services 256-486-4682
Ashworth, Carol Office Manager - Birmingham Director of Support Services 205-969-4250
Champion, Angie Eagles/Advancement Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4275
Cotton, Joanna Accounts Payable Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4274
Griffin, Penny Registration Manager Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4267
Lee, Marzetta Fundraising Assistant Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4274
Mayfield, Heather Cub Activities Secretary  Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4255
Mertz, Kathy Receptionist Office Manager - Birmingham 205-970-0251
Thomas, Kim Scout Executive Secretary Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4241
Wycoff, Kieth Tour Permits Office Manager - Birmingham 205-969-4202
VACANT Huntsville Office Manager Deputy Scout Executive 256-883-7071
Bamburg, Lauri Administrative Assistant Huntsville Huntsville Office Manager 256-883-7071