Leave No Trace Trainer Course


The Leave No Trace educational program has become the ethical

baseline for modern outdoor Scouting in our BSA publications,

advancement, and training events.

Leave No Trace was adopted by BSA in our 1997 Wilderness Use

Pledge and has since been our gold standard for high-adventure

Scouting in the backcountry.



What about all the rest of the outdoor Scouting we do?



Can Leave No Trace help us take better care of our Cub Day Camp

locations, local parks, and privately owned lands our units love to visit?

What about our important and very valuable BSA camp properties?



What about the traditional Scout activities like campfires and patrol cooking?


  Should the "kid-friendly" Leave No Trace ethic and practical skills be a key part of our outdoor, ideals/values, and citizenship development programs for our youth?


This course will provide a Scouting introduction to the science of

recreation ecology. The breadth and depth of our national BSA Leave

No Trace program is introduced with an emphasis on tailoring it to fit

our local Scouting needs.


This very full weekend is designed for unit/district/council trainers who

  can help bring the full value of the Leave No Trace message into our

  advancement programs, unit activities, and district/council events.

Scouters will put this adult-level training to work in Cub, Scout,Venturing, and district/council programs. Mature Scouts (14 and up) and Venturers are very welcome.



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The registration fee of $40.00 covers the cost of food and training materials for the weekend.


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