Mulberry Merit Badge Day





Mulberry Merit Badge Day

Saturday, December 8th, 2018  8:30AM - 4:30PM

Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church

Cullman (Click for Map)





The Mulberry Merit Badge Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th, 2018.  Price is $14 per Scout which includes lunch and a patch.  Some classes will have an additional fee to cover supplies.

Adults may register at no charge, and may purchase lunch ($5) and/or a patch ($3) when registering.

Registration will be via the council Tentaroo website - just like summer camp at Comer and Sequoyah.  This website has been recently updated - the process is the same, but the screen designs have been changed.  The preferred method of registration is via the troop account - every troop that has attended summer camp at either Comer or Sequoyah during or after 2012 has a troop account.  (If you are not sure who has access to the troop account, please contact  Any Scout registered in a personal/family account must bring a merit badge card (blue card) signed by the Scoutmaster (or designated assistant) as confirmation that the merit badge discussion required by the BSA Advancement Manual (Section has occurred.  Registration is open.

CLICK HERE for Registration

(For a TENTAROO Users Guide, CLICK HERE)

The following merit badges will be offered:  Art (FULL), Astronomy/Space Exploration, Chess, Chemistry (FULL), Citizenship in the Nation (FULL), Citizenship in the World (FULL), Environmental Science (FULL), Fingerprinting, First Aid, Fish & Wildlife Management (FULL), Geology, Law, Medicine, Photography, Railroading, Theater, Veterinary Medicine (transportation permission form required - FULL), and Welding (FULL).   (Class availability updated every Sunday evening.)