Lion Cubs


The Lion Program is for kindergarten-aged youth and their adult partner to be introduced into the Cub Scout Program together.  A group of six to eight youth and their adult partners will meet together as a den and will be mentored by a Lion Guide.  The Lion Guide, an experienced Cub Scout Volunteer, will help the adult partners in that den conduct activities that will be fun and exciting for the five-year-old youth.  Each adult partner should take turns leading den meetings or activities according to the program outlined in the materials that will be available in the scout shop.

The Lions will be a part of the pack, but should not be expected to participate in all pack activities.  They are not expected to participate in pack fundraising, overnight camping, or shooting sports, as these activities are not age appropriate activities for kindergartners.  They should be invited to participate in a few pack meetings during the course of the year.
A curriculum has been developed for the pilot program and it is expected that it will be delivered as written.  This will allow the feedback necessary to fully vet the program materials and to fully evaluate the program as it is being rolled out.
This program has been developed to help address concerns that families have raised about making “joining” decisions in kindergarten.  This program allows us to reach more families and demonstrate the benefits of the Scouting program.
Below are links to give your unit better understanding and helpful information regarding the Lion Cub Program.

In order to be able to conduct the program the Unit will need to commit to conducting the program as outlined and will need to get approval from the Charter Organizational Representative as well as the Pack Committee Chair.  Attached is a commitment form. Approvals can be sent electronically.

We look forward to working with each of you to bring a whole new aspect of Scouting to the youth that we serve in our council.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your District Executive, Unit Commissioner, or you can email