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Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) is a not-for-profit organization whose national board of directors includes representatives from Protestant and Independent Christian Churches and the national youth agencies.
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Bryan on Scouting - Talk Scout Sunday
Dear Joey,

This Sunday (Feb. 2), at churches nationwide, you'll see Scouts and Scouters in uniform greeting the congregation, participating in worship services, earning religious awards and conducting service projects to benefit their place of worship. (However, it is appropriate for your Unit to celebrate this event any Sunday in February.)

By official BSA designation, Scout Sunday is always the Sunday that falls before Feb. 8, Scouting Anniversary Day. In years when Feb. 8 falls on a Sunday, such as 2015, the BSA's birthday and Scout Sunday are combined into one glorious day.

Scout Sabbath, for Jewish Scout units, is always the Saturday after Scout Sunday. This year it falls on Feb. 8, 2014, meaning Jewish Scout units get their special day on the BSA's actual birthday.

Scouting has been a force for good in our community for 104 years, teaching the fundamental precepts of Duty to God, Duty to Country and Duty to Others. This Saturday and Sunday as Scouting families celebrate the anniversary of Scouting, many will do so in a house of worship. Thanks to over 232 faith based organizations in the Greater Alabama Council, we will celebrate our diverse faith groups and our fundamental respect for all religions; "A Scout is reverent. A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others." As we each celebrate the grace and love of God in our own ways we also thank the many churches, synagogues, mosques and others that open their doors all over this great country to Scouting families.

Although many of us in Scouting come from diverse cultural and faith based heritages, we share one thing in common- a strong belief in the values of Scouting and the importance of the concept Duty to God

Whatever your faith tradition, we recognize this anniversary of Scouting as special, as we lead our lives acknowledging the power and grace of God, we dedicate ourselves to the idea of a Scout is Reverent and does his duty to God. Thanks to you for all you do for Scouting. Each of you makes an impact, and despite our differences, we have so much in common with the belief and sharing of the values that make us better; Duty to God, Duty to Country and Duty to Others.

"May the great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with you until we meet again."


Scout Executive,
Greater Alabama Council