Arrowhead Awards Program

The Arrowhead Awards program will be held on  Thursday, March 3rd at 6:00 PM at Point Mallard Park at the pavilion across from the ice rink.   
In the interest of safety for all attending, the event will be picnic style – each individual or family group will have their own picnic table and should bring their own food and drink. In addition, the park indoor restrooms may not be available -only porta-potties- so plan accordingly.
We will be honoring the Eagle Class of 2021, our District Award of Merit recipient, and all Scouters who have completed Leadership or Training awards or other recognition.

Arrowhead 2021 Eagles

Jesse  Davis
Nikolas Borths
Kyle  Burden
Dalton Green
Dylan Green
Griffith Knox
Michael Schraff
Logan Bentley
Charles Hellard
Carson Taylor
Coleman Blake
Brady Lenz
Gaelin  Pleasant
Troop 7021
Troop 7091
Troop 7092
Troop 7092
Troop 7092
Troop 7092
Troop 7092
Troop 7142
Troop 7142
Troop 7142
Troop 7236
Troop 7240
Troop 7336