2021 Adventures Of The 49'ers Patch

The Greater Alabama Council invites you to Adventures Of The 49’ers a three day Scouts BSA camping experience for your troop. Travel back to 1849 as Camp Sequoyah is transformed into the frontier with activities, demonstrations, competitions, and meals all centered around the life of a 49’er.

Camp Sequoyah and the surrounding area is steeped in history with the search for gold. In the 1830’s gold was discovered in Cleburne County and created a boom for the area. Areas of Carr Creek were the site where men set out to claim their fortune by mining for gold. In the years after over $5,000,000.00 worth of gold was discovered in the area. 30,000 ounces of gold came from Cleburne County alone.

In 1849 after the discovery of gold in California most left for the California Gold Rush. In the spirit of the prospectors of yesteryear we invite you to take up the mantle of the 49’er and engulf yourself in the 49’er lifestyle. You never know? You may strike it rich!!!!!! We hear………. “there’s gold up em them hills!”

When is this weekend of adventure?

Adventures of the 49ers will be February 26-28, 2021.  We’re looking forward to seeing you at Camp Sequoyah for this incredible weekend!

What can you expect to do this weekend? 

The short answer is a lot!  But here are some things you can look forward to doing while at Camp:

Shovel and Pick Competition

Covered Wagon Races

Top Shot Contests (Rifle and Archery)

Climbing tower


Black Powder Shotgun 

Gold panning

And more!

What are the fees for the weekend?

The event fees for Adventures of the 49ers is $40 for youth, and $20 for adults.  Event fees include four meals, two cracker barrels, program supplies, insurance, and event patch.

Who can attend?

Scouts BSA aged youth from all Councils are welcome to attend this exciting weekend at Camp Sequoyah.  We encourage you to sign up early as we are limiting the event to the first 200 participants.  Registration deadline is February 19, 2021.  To register, click on the link button below.

How can I learn more about the event?

To learn more about Adventures of the 49ers click on the “Leaders Guide” button below.  The Leaders Guide has a lot of useful information including suggested packing lists, menu for the weekend, schedules, and more.