2023 Cub Scout Camp

July 21-23 2023
Comer Scout Reservation

What is a Cub Scout Camp?

The 2023 Cub Scout Camp is three days and two nights of Scouting fun and adventure! The goal of Cub Scout Camp is to provide Scouts with an out of this world outdoor adventure on Lookout Mountain. Cub Scout Camp is held at Comer Scout Reservation and is led by experienced camp staff members.

Who can attend?

Cub Scout Camp is open to all youth currently registered in the Cub Scout Program, leaders, and parents, and siblings

How much does it cost?

Cub Scout and 1 Partner Fee

Two Cub Scout and 1 Partner Fee



Additional Family Member


What will participants do at camp?

Scouts attending the Cub Scout Camp will be exposed to a wide range of activities. These range from shooting sports, aquatics, STEM related activities, nature and conservation, craft projects, outdoor activities, and much more.